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Monmouth the Heart of the Wye Valley and birth place of British Tourism.

A cruise down the river Wye was a must do back in the 1800s and Monmouth was the centre of the action.

We will visit Monmouth Castle the birth place of Henry V, a king immortalised by Shakespere along with his Welsh adviser Fluellen.

Agincourt square is named in honour of one of Henry’s most important battles. The Shire Hall on the square was the setting for the trial of the Chartists of the Newport Rising . This was the last large scale armed rising in Wales.

We will visit the Priory and Geoffrey’s window in particular, where, it is said that Geoffrey of Monmouth sat and wrote the History of the Kings of Britain in the 12th century creating the legend of King Arthur.

We will cross the Monnow Bridge the only surviving medieval fortified bridge with the gatehouse on the bridge

And swiftly moving through the centuries we will discover the story of Charles Rolls (of Royce fame) born in Monmouth and the location of the famous Rockfield Studios where Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded.

And finally enjoy a coffee in any one of the coffee houses in Monmouth.