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This is me ..

I am a Blue Badge Guide working across the whole of Wales.   Blue badge guides have undergone extensive training, passing both practical and academic guiding examinations.

I am based in Cardiff but can offer tours which extend across Wales or concentrate on a town, city or theme.

I was born and have mostly always lived in South Wales and whilst I have travelled the world, I love to come home.  The landscape, history and culture of Wales, not to mention the humour and personality of the people is very special.

I am inspired by telling stories and bringing history to life, but also look to current happenings and the future and hope to change a day out from the ordinary to the inspirational.

I work with a network of Green Badge Guides to lead tours for large groups or on occasions when I am not available;   South East Wales Guides . This gives access to a wide range of expertise and local knowledge across the region.  I am also a  member of the Wales Official Tourist Guides Association.

In recent years, I have walked the full 870 miles of the Wales Coast Path, which does make me a bit of an expert on the subject. I am a ‘slow walker’ meaning, I take time to enjoy the sights, restaurants and personality of an area whilst always enjoying the view. I have co-authored a book ‘Slow Walking the Wales Coast Path ‘